Trial highlights from EACTS Annual Meeting 2023

Join our hosts Can Gollmann-Tepeköylü and Miia L Lehtinen for their late-breaking trials highlights presented at the 37th EACTS Annual Meeting in Vienna, including:  (2:40 - 8:53) Subannular Repair for Secondary Mitral Regurgitation with restricted systolic leaflet Motion (type IIIb): 2-year results from REFORM-MR registry by Dr Jonas Pausch   (8.53 - 13:47) Mechanistic insights from the CAST-HF trial: Transcriptomic analysis of human myocardial biopsies reveal biglycan as crucial mediator of angiogenesis by Dr Johannes Holfeld   (13.47 - 20:55) First-in-human experience with a novel custom-made double branch stent graft for aortic arch repair – The NEXUS DUO by Prof Mario Louis Lachat & Dr P Buyl   (20:56 - 25:28) Real World Experience of 510 On-X Aortic Valve Replacement Patients Treated with Low Dose Warfarin by Prof Aungye OO   (25:28 - 32:1) CEASE-AF: Effectiveness and safety of hybrid epicardial and endocardial ablation in patients with persistent and longstanding persistent atrial fibrillation by Dr Piotr Suwalski.

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