Ron Schlegel - Rewiring the Subconscious

Ron Schlegel has been practicing psychotherapy for over 35 years. He's been an empath and intuitive since childhood. After many years of using traditional psychotherapy he discovered a technique called Psych-K, which allows a person to synchronize activity in both sides of the brain to rewrite limiting beliefs, release trauma, and directly access the subconscious mind in minutes. Ron also shares important life lessons about self-love, forgiveness and the spiritual journey.

Om Podcasten

After Awakening is a show about meditation and enlightenment where masters and meditation teachers share their wisdom and realizations on the spiritual path. The aim of this show is to help seekers on their journey through stories, advice, and instruction from teachers who’ve dedicated their lives to dharma and practice. Here you’ll find a variety of perspectives and experiences on the multi-faceted gem of spiritual enlightenment.