Season 1 Episode 6: What Price Awesome?

You provide great services and offer an evidenced difference to your clients.. but how do you put a price on that? Mark walks Dave through some thoughts on how to price your services. Including the perennial agency world discussion around 'Value' versus time-based fees.

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Welcome to Agency Thinking, conversations around all things creative and marketing agency: working in them, working for them, leaving them to do your own thing, starting or rebooting an agency ... and more. In Season 1 we talked through the areas that co-host Dave needed to address, to launch his content consultancy. Season 2 sees me chat with compadres who work with agencies: e.g creative, tech, pm, planning partners: how does the ecosystem work and what can that teach agencies? Agency Thinking is brought to you by agency growth coach Mark Kelly. Season 1 was produced by Word and Mouth.