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Give the Buildings Yogurt

af Alternative Design Podcast | Udgivet 2/8/2021

In this episode, we discuss a concept that perhaps isn't familiar in the design industry, but is thriving in the health and wellness community. A "microbiome" is simply the collection of micro-organisms in a particular environment, whether they be inside your gut, on your skin, or even the chair you're sitting on. I talk to Jack Gilbert, a microbiology professor from USCD on how the microbiome in the built environment can be manipulated and help to win the war for the "good bacteria". I also chat with Rosie Broadhead, a sportswear clothing designer in the U.K. who is pioneering the ability to weave probiotics into textiles. In addition, she's taking it a step further by incorporating vitamins and supplements into upholstery and studying how we could receive these nutrients just by sitting in a chair.

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