A Conversation with my Daughter

Navigating the twists and turns of parenting and education can be daunting, but imagine the beauty of seeing those efforts bloom in one's own child. As Davies Owens sat down with his daughter Hannah, they traversed the memories of her classical Christian education, the values it instilled, and the indelible mark it left as she stepped out into the world. This episode is a heartfelt dialogue between father and daughter, examining the potent mix of faith and academia, the protective yet challenging environment of a classical education, and how these experiences equipped Hannah to face life's complexities with grace and confidence. Learning isn't confined to the four walls of a classroom; it's also about the rich discussions over dinner and the life lessons passed down within the family. Hannah's journey from exploring movie-making dreams as a child to becoming an articulate, faith-filled adult shows the profound influence of home life and a Christ-centered education. With candid reflections, they touch upon the balance of safeguarding innocence and igniting a passion for knowledge—a fine line classical Christian education walks with poise, shaping students to become curious, capable individuals ready to engage with the world thoughtfully. Join them as they explore not just the intellectual, but the personal development that classical Christian education fosters. Hannah's return to her Christian roots after a period of agnosticism and her thoughtful approach to modern womanhood and aesthetics offer a narrative that's both uplifting and insightful. For parents and educators investing in the next generation, this conversation is a reaffirmation of the lasting impact of their guidance, and for anyone curious about the intersection of faith, femininity, and education, it's a compelling glimpse into the powerful journey of one young woman's life shaped by these ideals.

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