College Admissions & Life Beyond K-12 with Deborah Allen

Have you ever wondered how to steer your child through the labyrinth of education to a fulfilling career? Join Davies Owens and Deborah Allen, as they unpack the art of nurturing K-12 students toward their unique callings and the thoughtful choices that shape their future. Amidst a landscape where the value of a college degree is hotly debated, they address parental concerns, the significance of gap years, and how tools like the Highlands Ability Battery can provide clarity and direction for those pivotal life decisions. As they navigate the pressures of an achievement-driven society, their conversation takes a heartfelt turn towards the identities of our children. They question the treacherous balance between accomplishments and authentic self-worth, probing the myth of certitude that haunts many parents and educators. The labyrinth of life demands a faithful, step-by-step approach, and we discuss the importance of fostering a whole-person lifestyle for our kids, ensuring they know their worth extends far beyond their list of achievements. Finally, they hone in on the transition from high school to the world beyond, where classical Christian education and career counseling interlace to offer a beacon for the journey. They explore the evolving role of college advisors, suggesting an expanded focus to guide students not only to college but toward their calling and contribution to the common good. This episode is an essential listen for anyone invested in guiding the new generation to lead not just with their minds, but also with their hearts and hands.

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