Big Products or Small Products.... What's best on TPT? (don't waste your time!)

0:00 why this matters2:00 problems with small products3:11 with bigger products….5:45 downsides to big products6:50 the sweet spot10:00 different types of buyers13:30 product linesHappy selling!Becca//IN THIS VIDEOMom’s Etsy shop (she’s still adding things!): HELP WITH YOUR SHOP?FREE TPT SELLER PLANNING TEMPLATES: https://becca-s-music...

Om Podcasten

Teachers don't make a lot of money... But if we're smart, we can use the skills we learned to teach students to teach teachers! On this podcast, we will talk all about how to sell your resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, and create a whole business that is thriving-- so that you can thrive whether you decide to be inside or outside of the classroom. I can't wait to talk all things goals, planning strategy, marketing, and more!