Beneath Her Surface with Deanna Lorea

Growth, Letting Go + Living Authentically with Jewellianna Palencia

af Beneath Her Surface with Deanna Lorea | Udgivet 11/4/2021

We are diving deep into letting go so that you can grow. Jewellianna and I discuss releasing the things that no longer serve you. Sometimes we hold onto people, places or things for fear of the unknown, but in doing so, we hold ourselves hostage to the status quo. By embracing our truth, we can shed the old and make space for the things that truly fill our cup mentally, physically and spiritually.  Remember, you are inherently worthy just as you are, no matter where you are in your journey. Lean into the uniqueness that is you and trust yourself enough to live fully and authentically.  Connect with Jewellianna: @jewejewefitness and @jewejewebee ---------------------------------------------------------------- Connect with Deanna! Instagram: @deannalorea Train with me: --------------------------------------------------------------- Beneath Her Surface is produced by Jorie King. 

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Beneath Her Surface unearths the many layers of phenomenal women near and far. Created with growth and sisterhood in mind, wellness + mindset coach Deanna Lorea sits down with the people who inspire her most. From fitness gurus and women leaders to friends and family, Beneath Her Surface guests explore purpose, perseverance, and life-altering lessons through candid and intimate conversations.