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Recreating Yourself + Embracing Feminine Energy with Carolyn Moore

af Beneath Her Surface with Deanna Lorea | Udgivet 12/9/2021

Step into your power with Beneath Her Surface! On today's episode, Carolyn and I uncover what it means to tap into your femininity and the importance of breaking stereotypes of what a mom "should" look like or be.  As women and as mother's, we often face a multitude of societal pressures and expectations. But at the end of the day, the only opinion that matters is YOURS. What is it that brings YOU joy? What does embracing your feminine energy look like for YOU? For all of my phenomenal women out there, I encourage you to step into your power - one day at a time. In case you're feeling stuck, you can start by: reclaiming your power, reconnecting to your body + mind, expressing your creativity, and harnessing your authentic self.    Shop Lion & Loki:  Connect with Carolyn: @caroesteph and @lionandloki ------------------------------------------------------------ Connect with Deanna! Instagram: @deannalorea  Train with Deanna:  ---------------------------------------------------------------  Beneath Her Surface is produced by Jorie King.

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Beneath Her Surface unearths the many layers of phenomenal women near and far. Created with growth and sisterhood in mind, wellness + mindset coach Deanna Lorea sits down with the people who inspire her most. From fitness gurus and women leaders to friends and family, Beneath Her Surface guests explore purpose, perseverance, and life-altering lessons through candid and intimate conversations.