Episode 97 - 8 Timeless Life lessons I learned in 2022

Every year we grow and learn. In today's episode, I share my top 8 life lessons of 2022 and how they apply to your relationship with food.  It is my hope that my lessons can support you along your journey!! Love and light, Xx Stel The Food and Mood Journal is the perfect tool to help you tune into the signals your body is sending you. Tracking what you eat and drink, will help give you insight into how food affects your mood. It’s an 8-week kick-start to mindful eating to help you identify the triggers that make you want to eat when you are not physically hungry. https://wholesomelifestyleproject.com/work-with-me/shop/ Start a new mindfulness habit today visit https://aurahealth.io/guestpass/stel to receive a 30-day guest pass for free.

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