Episode 83 - How to STOP BINGE EATING once and for all with EFT Tapping! (THIS REALLY WORKS!)

Are you desperate to learn how to stop binge eating? Are you looking for binge eating help? Are you ready to finally stop emotional eating?   This episode will teach you an EFT (emotional freedom technique) tool so that you can learn how to stop binge eating. Start a new mindfulness habit today visit https://aurahealth.io/guestpass/stel to receive a 30-day guest pass for free. Join me on a journey to let go of your food zombie and say goodbye to overeating for good! This is for you if you are… Constantly thinking about food & You feel like you are possessed by a zombie taking over every thought  Struggling to stop eating at night & You feel like you are spiraling down a slippery slope  Anxious that you will blow it at any time & you feel hopeless about ever finding a way out  Feeling you need more willpower Self-Sabotage keeps getting you into the binge-guilt cycle & you cringe at how you talk to yourself  Eating out of boredom has become your new normal & you feel like you can never trust yourself to have any snacks in the house https://subscribe.wholesomelifestyleproject.com/food-zombie-freedom-program-online-program

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The Honest Truth about finally getting control back of your eating. Professional advice on all forms of overeating (emotional eating, binge eating, stress eating, etc), food addiction, yoga, energy balance, hormone health, and body acceptance. With Stel Coombe-Heath, the #1 authority in helping busy career women overcome binge and overeating using her signature Quit overeating formula. Get my FREE Guide: Quit binge eating FOR GOOD!! https://resources.wholesomelifestyleproject.com/QuitBingeEatingForGood259504