This episode is about branding. As a credit union you have a mission that’s still as relevant as it has ever been. But has your brand kept up with you as a growing credit union? Has it evolved alongside you?Is your brand serving you as hard as you’re serving your members?In this episode Tara and Holly of Braid Creative are going to help you think about your brand, talk about some updates you know you need to make, share some ways to get your brand shaped up and feeling worthy of your credit union!This podcast is here to help credit union marketers like you remember how creative you are, how much you love your job (and your credit union!), and get some new creative ideas to try out along the way.Download the worksheet for this episode at and follow us on Instagram @braidcreative 1:10 what is a brand?5:38 the difference between branding, marketing, and advertising8:10 why branding is extra important in the financial industry9:05 reasons to do a brand update14:50 a brand that keeps evolving: Disney 16:30 The Mandalorian as an authentic spin-off brand 22:30 where to start with a brand update26:14 how to get better at using stock photos in your brand30:57 why getting video in your brand is imperative34:48 consistency is key for your brand37:01 who should be involved in a brand update?40:50 how to get the budget to update your brand

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A branding and marketing podcast for credit union marketers from Braid Creative.