Team Collaboration & Communication

We’re talking about ways to get your team communicating and collaborating better – especially when it comes to planning, and pulling off big projects, promotions, and campaigns.Whether that’s with your marketing team, cross-departmental teams in your credit union, or even with your agency team – we want to give you some tips for:getting everyone on the same pagegetting more voices heard around the tablegetting more of the outcomes you want –and, maybe even having more fun with the people you work with, while you’re at it.This podcast is here to help credit union marketers like you remember how creative you are, how much you love your job (and your credit union!), and get some new creative ideas to try out along the way.Download the worksheet for this episode at and follow us on Instagram @braidcreative 1:05 lead your marketing team like an agency6:52 what do your yearly planning meetings look like?11:10 what do zombies have to do with your team? we chat about The Walking Dead18:15 collaborating with other teams and departments in your credit union20:44 how to create a visual presentation for better collaboration and communication29:36 presenting your creative process along the way – not just the final creative33:03 getting the most out of your agency 

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A branding and marketing podcast for credit union marketers from Braid Creative.