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Building Arensberg is the story of how Thomas and Catherine Arensberg have remodeled their homes while raising a family and starting a business.Thomas and Catherine share stories and insight into the construction projects they've tackled. How do I decide what to do first? What do I spend my money on? Should I hire someone or learn to do it myself? Catherine has the vision and Thomas makes it happen (usually).While working on these DIY projects, Thomas and Catherine are also raising 4 children. No parent has all the answers and these two are no different. Raising four children amongst the seemingly constant construction creates a lot of interesting challenges.But that is not where it ends! Catherine is also an entrepreneur who has built her design firm from the ground up while Thomas coaches football in Alabama where football is a way of life. This jumbled concoction of construction, family, and business building will be a weekly discussion on Building Arensberg.