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1.3 Stop Doing Diversity

af Business of Beverages | Udgivet 4/12/2021

In this episode, you’ll learn from one of the leading Beer writer's in the world how each of us can do more to make our drinks businesses more inclusive, more diverse and, ultimately, more profitable.We talk with Melissa Cole, author of a number of leading beer books, including the classic "Let Me Tell You About Beer" and she gives us a full and frank view on the challenges she faced breaking into an industry that still struggles with inclusion and diversity. She highlights the ongoing issues facing under represented groups in the industry. But she is as encouraging to businesses who see the value in broadening their approach, as she is critical of brewers who repeatedly show themselves up to be sexists or racists (yes, we're looking at you Founder's)!  We also welcome another guest to our "Desert Island" where they can choose to bring only one drink with them. This time it's the turn of Ned Gahan, Head Distiller at Waterford Whisky. Ned leads one of the most innovative distilleries in the world whose work on Whisky Terroir is truly cutting edge and making a global impact but his choice of drink  is as local and traditional as you can get and testifies to the power of beverages to evoke memories.We would truly appreciate it if you could take the time to give us a 5 star review and some feedback, wherever you get your podcasts. We gratefully receive and read every comment/review.For more insights, highlights and lowlifes follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @BizBevPod, or LinkedIn To support the work we do, we would appreciate it if you could click here to buy us a coffee.Business of Beverages is self-funded and hosted/ edited/ independently produced by Will Keating. Pádraig Fox co-hosts in a personal capacity. All opinions are those of the person expressing them at all times.Recorded @ Hellfire StudiosSupport the show (

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