5 Ways to Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank

In today's episode, we're tackling the topic of looking “expensive” without draining your bank account, or more specifically- how to create a style you love without breaking the bank. As we navigate through our daily lives, it's essential to feel confident and put-together, regardless of our budget constraints. Looking expensive isn't about the price tag; it's about the thoughtful curation of your wardrobe and the confidence you radiate when you step into a room. That's why I'm thrilled to share with you today five practical tips to elevate your style game. But that's not all—mark your calendars for this Wednesday, as I'll be live hosting The Accessories Workshop (https://shop.juliekraus.com/the-accessories-workshop). Accessories are the finishing touches that can either INSTANTLY elevate your outfit or INSTANTLY ruin it. You can keep looking at your outfits never quite understanding why it doesn’t feel right - or you can enroll in The Accessories Workshop and learn once and for all how to complete your looks to perfection. I can’t wait to blow your mind with how much your style can shift when you learn this key component of every look. If you’re sick of getting frustrated with how to pull outfits together that look effortlessly chic, then SIGN UP HERE (https://shop.juliekraus.com/the-accessories-workshop).  Other Style Resources, Workshops and Ways to Work Together CHIC: https://chic.juliekraus.com/ The Accessories Workshop : https://shop.juliekraus.com/the-accessories-workshop The Shoe School Workshop: https://shop.juliekraus.com/the-shoe-school-workshop Outfitted for Fall Workshop: https://shop.juliekraus.com/outfitted-for-fall-workshop Body Shape Workshop: https://shop.juliekraus.com/shape Sign Up for the Sunday Style Newsletter: http://juliekraus.com/style-sunday-newsletter FREE Style Elevation Masterclass:https://shop.juliekraus.com/elevation-masterclass

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Welcome to the CHIC podcast, hosted by Fashion Stylist and Image Consultant Julie Kraus, to help you step into the best version of yourself by growing your confidence, from the inside out. In these weekly episodes, we’ll walk you through how style can ripple effect to elevate all the areas of your life, both personally and professionally. We’re here to help the every day woman who has big dreams, and wants style to make sense & work for her as a tool to grow her confidence, presence, impact, and income. From mindset & habits, to strategies for curating an intentional closet and practical style tips to staying modern in your image - we will cover it all! This is not your average style podcast - each Monday we will go deep on elements of style you might have never considered so that getting dressed can become one of the best parts of your day.