Chilling True Tales - Ep 31 - Spooky Night Time Encounters

You’re at home at night all snug in your bedIt was a long day so you try rest your headYou want to get sleep but I’ll tell you insteadYou should clearly expect visits from the dead…These night time encounters are all true and happened to people... Just like you in their own homes….If you like my work, buy me a coffee!   Contact [email protected]  Music"Come Out and Play" by Darren Curtis Check out his YouTube page Darren Curtis Music: Effects“creaking door 1 slow.WAV” by paulmessier of - Creative Commons 4 Licence -“Door Opening” by AUDACITIER of – Creative Commons 4 Licence -“La Llorona (edited)” by RaspberryTickle2 of - “woman crying sobbing cry sob sad.wav” by bulbastre of - “women_scream_AAA.aiff” by thanvannispen of - “Gasps - teenage girl young lady.wav” by AderuMoro of - Creative Commons 4 Licence - Sponsors:* Check out Badlands Ranch: this podcast at — Inquiries: & Opt-Out:

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I have loved the strange, creepy, paranormal and supernatural ever since I was a child having experienced it all my life. Ghosts, creatures, UFOs and more - you name it! I have collected REAL stories from real people over the years about their experiences and with permission I am retelling them to you.