Environmental practices and how they are shaped.

What do you think influences the search results you get on Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.? From restaurants to shopping malls, in what subtle ways are we being nudged to embrace (or not) certain environmental practices? Can we find improved ways to communicate climate change and is there a need for that?
How beautiful could our world be if we put into use just a fraction of the thousands of recommendations in research, journals and publications sitting in physical libraries and digital catalogues across the world?

My guest, Malte Rödl and I, on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast, reflect on various topics around environmental governance practices. Squeezed into 30 insightful minutes and using simple terms, find answers to these questions and many more on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast.

More about the guest:
Malte is a researcher in Environmental Communication. His research is concerned with the interactions of people, 'technology', and the environment and combines insights from science and technology studies, sociology, geography, and systems sciences. Malte contributes to courses in the MSc Environmental Communication and Management degree programme at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Currently, he is exploring the implications of digital infrastructure (AI, ML, big data, algorithmic decision-making, etc.) on environmental governance processes.

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Om Podcasten

So much is heard about Climate Change, ironically, little is known about Climate Action. The Climate Talk Podcast is a youth-led and primarily youth-focused learning platform for people all over the world to take practical and guided steps towards addressing Climate Change. The Climate Talk Podcast is hosted by ‘Seyifunmi Adebote with the support of the International Climate Change Development Initiative and Media for Community Change Initiative.