Ep. 75 Dr Travis Fox: Feeling Your Way to a New Reality

It was Primal Scream who told us “don’t fight it, feel it”. And if ever there are key messages that resonate in the world of mindfulness and personal development, this could be one of the big ones. After all, what you resist persists. Yet resist we do, and most of the time we don’t even know we’re doing it. But every time we feel discomfort or disatisfaction in our lives, it’s our resistance to “what is” that we’re feeling. This anxiety about the future, the worry about the past, never really being present to do the real work that we need to do in order to make our lives better – or even just be happy. Indeed, in the pursuit of happiness, we often focus too much on the thing we’re trying to escape from, rather than the thing that we should be running to. We don’t want to be in debt any more. We don’t want to work in the office any more. We don’t want to be overweight, single, tired…. Whatever anymore. And all these things that we resist, persist. This week’s guest is Dr Travis Fox, who says that the key to getting what we want, is not simply to stop fighting against what we don’t want, and not even to think about what we DO want instead, but to feel that we are already where we want to be. That feeling aligns ourselves with the future we desire, and makes it much more likely to happen. Travis holds doctorates in psychology and clinical hypnotherapy, and is a highly regarded public speaker. He also appeared in the sequel to the controversial but hugely popular film The Secret, called “Beyond The Secret: The Awakening”. Working generally with organisations, he has put together what he calls the Ultimate Business Quest, a kind of gamified approach to getting us to dive beneath who we think we are to discover four different architypes that align with our values, and encourage us to feel our way to success. To find out more about Travis’ Ultimate Business Quest, head over to ultimatebusinessquest.com www.conversationsonliving.com

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