Ep. 80 Jaya Jaya Myra: Show Up For Yourself

In the Ayurvedic tradition, our constitutions are categorised into different types, called doshas. These doshas – Vatta, pitta and kapha – define the best types of food to eat in order to to be healthy, vital, energised and to avoid inflammation and illness. It’s a beautiful idea, and for thousands of years people have adopted this Ayurvedic principle to live a bright and energetic life. But what if we could take it beyond diet. What if we define our ‘type’ and then use this in order to create live a life of fulfilment, meaning, and contentment. This week I’m joined by author and minds expert Jaya Jaya Myra, who turned to ayurvedic principles when doctors couldn’t solve the chronic illness that was costing her not just her health, but also her career, her relationships, her financial stability and more. But as she explored and played with the concepts behind Ayurveda she found that not only did her health improve, but also her wider life, too. This lead her to present an eye-opening TedX Talk, become a television wellness expert, to set up her own boutique PR agency, and to write several books, including her latest, The Soul of Purpose. Her message is this – that all aspects of our lives are connect, that when we live in alignment with our purpose, we can live a life filled with health and wellness, and that by understanding ourselves, we can discover that purpose. Find out more about Jaya Jaya Myra and her work at www.jayajayamyra.com www.conversationsonliving.com

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