S1 Ep3: Boys Over Flowers: A Problematic Classic

TW/CW for sexual assault, bullying, gun violence Katherine hates Boys Over Flowers with a white-hot passion. Alisa has seen three adaptations of Hana Yori Dango and counting but has what could best be described as a conflicted relationship with this story. Melanie thinks Boys Over Flowers is a must-watch drama just so you understand the references in other dramas and pop music. Vickey enjoyed it way more than she wanted it to. We all agree that love it or hate it, Boys Over Flowers is a classic that mixes deeply problematic elements with fairytale tropes and gorgeous men in fine suits to create the equivalent of drama crack. 1:02: We take a moment to acknowledge those who lost their lives in a mass shooting in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, 2021. As people who love Asian films and dramas, this hits us hard. We stand with the Asian community and we will do everything we can to push back against hate and violence. 2:36: Heads up: there are MASSIVE spoilers for BoF and Hana Yori Dango. We also give a content warning for discussions of bullying and sexual violence both in the news and as part of the plot of Boys Over Flowers.  3:20:  Listener responses to our last episode—as in we got some! Also a big thank you to all of our listeners in countries worldwide, including Canada, the UK, Philippines, India, Australia, Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore and Qatar. 9:45: Start of Boys Over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango discussion 12:55: One of the themes of this podcast is what makes a classic a classic. But does Boys Over Flowers really qualify? (We say yes! But we had a lot of disagreement before reaching that point). 16:24: Why is this show drama crack despite bad acting, bad writing, bad directing, and OMG SO MUCH bullying and violence? 18:15: Melanie thinks Boys Over Flowers channels fairytale tropes to make this drama irresistible. 20:08: Alisa thinks the show’s pleasures are simple: Gorgeous guys with outlandish haircuts and fabulous fashion served up for your viewing pleasure. Plus that first entrance!  27:18: Here’s where it gets deep: we have an intense discussion of rape and violence against women. 42:28: We compare BoF with the 2001 Taiwanese version, Meteor Garden. We like Jerry Yan’s performance but terrible production values mean we can’t recommend this for most viewers. 48:33: Vickey talks about BoF being her gateway Kdrama...as it is for so many other Kdrama fans. 56:30: Alisa goes on an extended rant about why Ji Hoo is a much better bet as a boyfriend than Jun Pyo. 59:08: Alisa brings up second lead syndrome in Start Up and Vickey, Melanie and Katherine have a fangirl freakout over Kim Seon Ho. 1:01:40: We discuss real-life scandals/tragedies involving Ji Soo, Kim Hyun Joong, and Jang Ja-yeon and how Jan Di’s experiences in BoF aren’t that far off from things happening in the real world. Where do you draw the line as a fan consuming content with people exposed for bad behavior? 1:20:45: BoF and makjang: evil mothers and amnesia and car accidents oh my! 1:30:40: Jae Kyung >>>>>>>>>>> Jan Di (Jun Pyo should’ve just married her) 1:35.00: The OST is an evil earworm. Almost Paradiiiiiiiiise!!! 1:38:38: Melanie dives into the fairytale elements of BoF: Ji Hoo’s first love as a fairy godmother giving Jan Di shoes and how Jan Di’s relationship with the F4 has echoes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.  1:44:30: Why did Boys Over Flowers desex the relationship between Jan Di and Jun Pyo??? 1:48:36: Does Ji Hoo have a gay relationship in his past? Because otherwise what is up with that Macao scene with his old school friend...  1:52:01: Would we recommend Boys Over Flowers to a new Kdrama watcher? Well...   

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