The Boring Side of Adulting

Today our friend Jessica joins us to talk about the 'boring' side of adulting! We discuss tackling life admin tasks like paperwork, appointments, and taxes. We chat about navigating healthcare systems & grasping at random metrics to find a 'good' doctor. We explore things that make us feel motivated to do these tasks!Support the Show.Follow us on social media @eatyourcrustpod

Om Podcasten

Two Asian-American girls navigating their way through post-grad life in the Bay Area, with a little help from our friends. Tune in during your lousy commute to laugh and chat with your hosts Crystal and Jeesoo as we ramble about tech, culture, family, and more through an Asian-American lens. If you can relate, feel free to visit us at or reach out to us @eatyourcrustpod on insta or email us at [email protected]!