eBay for Business - Ep 278 - Keeping Records and Tracking Inventory 

Give us a call - 888-723-4630 Send us an email - [email protected] visit us at ebay.com/podcast    Welcome to eBay for Business! This week, Faith and Paul Vanick, discuss recent upgrades to their online bookkeeping app, My Reseller Genie as well as options for structuring your business. Griff and Brian answer questions about how to adjust prices when expenses rise;  the Inventory feature in Seller Hub; and what to do when a shipment is delivered but the status says not delivered.  To have your questions answered on our eBay for Business podcast, call us at 888 723-4630 or email us at [email protected].  To give us feedback, please take our podcast listener survey at (https://connect.ebay.com/srv/survey/a/sellerops.podcast)   00:01 - Intro 02:49 - Keeping Records and Tracking Inventory  16:58 - Help & Contact 18:37 - Q&A and Outro   New links for Ep 278 eBay Shipping Calculator - https://www.ebay.com/shp/Calculator My Reseller Genie - https://www.myresellergenie.com/     Recurring Links / Phone Numbers / Hashtags Mentioned: 888-723-4630 - Call in Line  eBay Seller News Announcements - ebay.com/announcements eBay Community - ebay.com/community eBay Weekly Community Chat - ebay.com/communitychat eBay Help - ebay.com/help/home eBay Meetups - ebay.com/meetups Managed Payments on eBay - ebay.com/payments eBay for Business Podcast - ebay.com/podcast eBay Seller Center - ebay.com/sellercenter eBay Seller Hub - ebay.com/sh eBay System Status - ebay.com/sts explore.ebay.com facebook.com/eBayForBusiness eBay for Business Podcast Listener Survey - https://connect.ebay.com/srv/survey/a/sellerops.podcast #ebaypodcast

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