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Stone Roses at Rooftops, Glasgow, 1989 - Memories

af Everything Flows Glasgow | Udgivet 2/5/2021

I chat with Tam Coyle, Stevie Watt & Craig McAllister about their memories of The Stone Roses first visit to Glasgow in June 1989. Tam was a young promoter who had to leave the Roses at 4.30am as he was working the next day. Stevie was helping Tam and DJ'd before The Roses and took them to his house so they could do an American phone interview. Craig was a young music fan traveling from Irvine to join the huge queue in the hope of getting in to see the band he had fallen for after seeing them on Another Side of Midnight, on Snub TV and buying the album. Me, I was 13, I was just too young. Oh to have seen the Roses at this time.  I hope you enjoy the stories and memories.

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