E116: Death Penalty and Redemptive Violence w/ Shane Claiborne

In this episode, Shane joins Daniel to speak about the death penalty and the myth of redemptive violence. When I first started my pilgrimage of faith back in 2016 or so, one of the first struggles I had was balancing my developing pro-life, restorative justice worldview with things like war, death penalty, and other issues about human well-being, food, etc. I appreciate Shane's perspective and hope you can too even if you disagree with some of his conclusions. Shane's Resources redletterchristians.org (Shane's Site) For Such a Time as This (Book on racial division and forgiveness) The Early Christians in their Own Words (Book) Executing Grace (Book) Death Penalty Action (Site) RAW Tools  (Site) Daniel's Usual Self-promotion Daniel's new book: How a 25-Year-Old Learned He Wasn't the Only One Going to Heaven Daniel's blog: https://danielr.net Daniel's YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DanielRogers  Daniel's Church Home: https://northbroad.church

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The EFPG podcast is hosted by Kevin Pendergrass and Dr. Lee Grant, two former legalists who are navigating their faith in Christ and what it means to move beyond legalism and into God’s grace.