Achieving food security for Asia's growing cities

Register for Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week here: Singapore has defined key threats and opportunities relating to its food security and self-sufficiency. Currently it produces less than 10% its own food supply, relying on global imports for the other 90% to feed its population’s nutritional needs. With a growing urban population, and less than 1% of its land currently in use for agriculture, the Singapore government has set an ambitious challenge to invest in new technologies and distribution models that will enable it to produce 30% of its own food by 2030, with special focus on three pillars: vertical farming, aquaculture and cell-based proteins to provide fresh vegetables, fruit and protein sources. This initiative (and the associated investment to create an agri-food innovation hub for the region) has cleared an exciting path for agri-food tech innovators to breakthrough and scale solutions that will deliver cost-effective, high yield, nutritious and sustainable food systems. Speakers: Ka Yi Ling, PhD - Chief Scientific Officer/Co-founder, Shiok Meats (from 02:45), John Diener, Chief Operating Officer of AGRIPROTEIN (from 16:59), Ankesh Shahra, Director, VERTIVEGIES (from 36:37) and Jennie Moss, Managing Director, Rethink Events (from 52:32).

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