New approaches sugar and functional foods for a healthier Asia

Register for Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Week here: Responding to the major shift in Asian diets as busy urban consumers adopt convenience foods and ready-prepared meals, a new wave of healthy ingredients and products are poised to combat the rise of diabetes and obesity in the region. From healthier alternatives to sugar and sugar replacements, fortification of staple foods, to specialty foods that tackle specific health challenges such as senior wellness and cognitive health, the challenge is to create foods that promote health while retaining convenience, flavour, texture and affordability for the Asian consumer. To talk through this, we have with us Anand Sudaresan, Regional Vice President, DSM, Asia Pacific, Singapore (from 1:52), Matthew Godfrey, CEO, Nutrition Innovation, Singapore (from 22:32) and Jennie Moss, Managing Director, Rethink Events (from 42:22).

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