Helga Vigfusdottir Kara connect

This is the first episode where we had an international guest in the studio but also the last podcast from 2019! We are so thrilled to be able sharing Helga Vigfusdottirs story who are just planning her move to Danmark from Iceland to keep on growing her already successful startup. Helga shares her story where she started out as a politician to now be founder and CEO of Kara Connect. We talked about how governments have to open their doors on all levels and listen and learn from start-ups as well as the mental health issues that the western world are facing today with isolation and loneliness. It that lies a big challenge to adress the key benefits with technology to help solve some of those problems. The theme for this episode is the UN goal no 5 health and wellbeing. Tag alone and learn some more about it!

Om Podcasten

Hur kan digitalisering bidra till hållbarhet och vad kan vi inom tech-branchen göra för att motverka klimatkrisen och bidra till ett mer hållbart samhälle? Detta är frågor som jag tillsammans med andra kloka kollegor inom branschen försöker ge svar på i Good Tech Pod, den (just nu) lilla podden men med det viktigt budskapet.