Minisode! | Interview with Carlo St. James

It’s our first minisode! Remember when Tori and Jackie played a live Mole game in North Carolina right before quarantine hit? Well, we finally got to sit down and chat with Carlo St. James, none other than the amazing creator + host himself. He shares background on how and why he got into the live gaming world, what it’s like to plan and participate in these games, and where he hopes to take The Mole series next. He is a wonderful human and we hope you enjoy our conversation! Here are some references to things we talk about during the show: A study on “Self-Concept and Social Adjustment among College Going Reality Show Participants“: Victory House Productions on YouTube: Carlo on Insta: carlosaintjames Twitter: carlo_jamez Keep an eye on the Live Reality Games facebook group for LRG casting and show announcements: Thank you so much for listening, and keep an eye out for our upcoming third season of Holy Moly!

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