EPISODE 12 🌺 Shimakutuba: Exploring the Languages of the Ryukyus

In this episode, we speak with linguists and individuals working on reclaiming languages with three distinct Ryukyuan/Loochooan languages. These languages originate from the following locations known in Japanese as Amami Oshima, Miyako, and Yaeyama. Join us in conversation with Madoka Hammine, Michinori Shimoji, Martha Tsutsui Billins, and guest host Micah Mizukami, who share their focus in their respective languages, linguistics, revitalization, and identity. We hope to dedicate an entire episode to each of these languages, so be on the lookout in future seasons! Nifee Deebiru to Nami Oshiro and My Shima Playlist for the Shimakutuba Fundraiser graphic we used for our background image for this episode!

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Okinawan.  Ryukyuan.  Loochooan. There are many more names for the peoples of these islands. Hear the many voices and stories of those identifying as Shimanchu or Uchinaanchu. Celebrating and preserving our culture, connecting the diaspora, and both proudly and humbly educating and learning along the way. Hosted by Mariko Middleton, Erica Kunihisa, and Tori Toguchi. Ichariba Choodee is a beautiful Ryukyuan saying translating roughly to, 'When we meet, we become brothers, sisters, family.'