EPISODE 2 🌺 Shimakutuba: Language Revitalization with Brandon Ing

Join co-hosts Erica & Mariko for our second episode welcoming our first ever guest speaker, Brandon Ufugusuku Ing!  Brandon is a musician, educator, and Uchinaaguchi language revitalizationist. He’s also the creative mind behind Let’s Sing Uchinaaguchi and Let’s Speak Uchinaaguchi.  We’ll talk story, hear a little bit about his inspirations and his relationship to uchinaaguchi and Okinawa, ... and of course, we’ll end with our Okinawa fun fact of the day.

Om Podcasten

Okinawan.  Ryukyuan.  Loochooan. There are many more names for the peoples of these islands. Hear the many voices and stories of those identifying as Shimanchu or Uchinaanchu. Celebrating and preserving our culture, connecting the diaspora, and both proudly and humbly educating and learning along the way. Hosted by Mariko Middleton, Erica Kunihisa, and Tori Toguchi. Ichariba Choodee is a beautiful Ryukyuan saying translating roughly to, 'When we meet, we become brothers, sisters, family.'