274: The Future of Public Relations: A Conversation with PRSA's Michelle Egan

An episode about the profession of public relations for the practitioners who make it one of the most exciting fields to work in. In this episode, a discussion about the future of the public relations industry with Michelle Egan, APR, Fellow PRSA, and Immediate Past Chair of PRSA. Boasting over three decades of communication experience, Michelle brings a substantial depth of understanding to the evolving PR landscape. Our conversation covers the significant changes currently shaping the indus...

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Every week, nationally-recognized crisis management expert Molly McPherson, also known as the "PR Lady" on TikTok, mixes strategic public relations lessons with weekly reveals of behind-the-scenes PR moves from breaking news stories and trending popular culture.  From the most popular celebrities and public figures, learn what went right and what went wrong from a strategic media and PR perspective. A must-listen for any PR professional, aspiring communicator, or pop culture fan who wants to gain a better understanding of the media landscape and learn how to build an indestructible reputation.