Episode 239 : Cristie Stogner

Not everyone who joins an MLM has a horrible experience, some people join MLMs to have some fun, make some friends and get a decent discount on a product they can't seem to live without. With some questions and concerns about her current MLM, Cristie reached out to me to find answers. She loved the products, her upline was great, and she was seemingly successful, until tax time made her look much deeper into the scam. I'll never forget that email when Cristie told me she had left Bella Fizz, had some moral injuries, and wanted to share her side of the story. Show Notes Kirby Vacuums (AntiMLM Reddit) BellaFizz.com Bella Fizz Comp Plan RyzeParty.com Out of MLM The BITE Model LAMLM Book Club MLM Dupes How can you help? MLM Change Report Fraud Truth in Advertising Report to your state Attorney General's office! Not in the U.S.? No Problem! Support the Podcast! Website | Patreon | Buy Me a Taco | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Discord | Merch! Life After MLM is produced by Roberta Blevins. Audio editing is done by the lovely Kayla Craven, video editing by the indescribable RK Gold, and Michelle Carpenter is our Triple Emerald Princess of Robots. Life After MLM is owned by Roberta Blevins 2024. Music : Abstract World by Alexi Action *Some links may be affiliate links. When you purchase things from these links, I get a small commission that I use to buy us tacos. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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