2. Building your network with Nidia Dias, freelance Art Director

Nidia Dias is a freelance Designer and Art Director whose work focuses on styleframes and look development for motion design. Her signature style has seen her work with top London studios where she has produced work for Apple, Nike and Adobe - she also created the amazing motion piece for this podcast!  Having studied in Portugal and Sweden Nidia began her career interning with Mainframe in London, which led on to a full-time job where she made some brilliant contacts and friends whose recommendations over the years aided her progress to become an Art Director and to later taking the plunge into freelance work. Freelancing can be daunting so in this episode, Nidia shares her experience and advice for taking on projects and working in new studios, especially if you’re naturally more introverted. We also chat about how her network has helped her build self-confidence, what it’s been like to become a Mum working remotely amidst the pandemic, and the career benefits she has found from working on personal projects.  You can see more of Nidia’s work at: Website: https://nidiadias.com/ Instagram: @nidiadias Twitter: @ImNidiaDias  You can follow me and get updates on the podcast at:  Website: http://narratestudio.co.uk Instagram: @narratestudio My top takeaways from this episode were: Spark up conversations with studios or people whose work you like to make connections - even if there isn’t a job available.  Working on personal projects can help to develop your own style and showcase the work that you enjoy working on.  Be humble, reach out and ask for help.   

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‘Making It’ aims to inspire and encourage women and non-conforming people, with the hope to make the design industry a more inclusive and diverse place. There is a concerning lack of gender diversity in the design industry, especially when looking at senior positions. Even though plenty of women study design, the industry is still overwhelmingly male. The host Rachel, Creative Director at Narrate, chats with some brilliant women and people who have beaten the odds and made it to creative director, design director and into senior leadership positions. Talking in detail about their career journeys and finding out how they got that all important first job, that helped get them to where they are today.