3. The power of personality, with Lauren Harewood, Art Director and Designer

Lauren Harewood is a London based freelance Art Director and Designer, who's worked her way up in the industry through positions in some great studios including, Feed Agency and Stereo, and in 2020 made the move to freelancing full time.  After being made redundant at the beginning of the pandemic Lauren used this time to create work that reflected her personality and passions, leading her to work on some amazing projects such as “Keep Hush” - a campaign to inform and educate on ways to support Black Lives Matter charities and communities. In this episode, Lauren shares how she got into the industry, some of the challenges she faced being a woman, and a woman of colour in the workplace, and how she is now attracting dream clients and projects by being unapologetically herself.   For Lauren, her personality and style is her true superpower so we discuss how, with the help of a little self-promotion, you can find the place where you can be yourself and be appreciated for it. You can see more of Laurens work at: Website: http://laurenharewood.com Instagram: @lkhare You can follow me and get updates on the podcast at:  Website: http://narratestudio.co.uk Instagram: @narratestudio My top takeaways from this episode were: Show who you are with your work and don’t try to change yourself to fit in.  Self-promotion is so important to attract the work you want to do.  People do want to help, so don’t feel shy about sliding into someones DM’s 

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‘Making It’ aims to inspire and encourage women and non-conforming people, with the hope to make the design industry a more inclusive and diverse place. There is a concerning lack of gender diversity in the design industry, especially when looking at senior positions. Even though plenty of women study design, the industry is still overwhelmingly male. The host Rachel, Creative Director at Narrate, chats with some brilliant women and people who have beaten the odds and made it to creative director, design director and into senior leadership positions. Talking in detail about their career journeys and finding out how they got that all important first job, that helped get them to where they are today.