5. Finding what works for you, with Graphic Designer, Sthuthi Ramesh

Sthuthi Ramesh is a talented designer, a mother, and co-founder of Nicety Materials, the digital library for physical materials.  Having worked for some of the top design agencies including Pentagram, Wieden+Kennedy and Browns Design, Sthuthi now runs her own independent practice but, like most people, her path in the design industry has been far from linear.  It’s taken time to find the right role, at the right agency, that also met her financial and lifestyle needs. From starting out knocking on doors for internships, to securing a full-time position, she later found the flexibility she needed in freelancing after having her first child.  In today’s episode, we chat about Sthuthi’s career journey, how she got her first job, and her experience of moving from India to Europe, adapting to different cultures, and how the lack of diversity in the design industry keeps us returning to the same historical styles.  You can see more of Sthuthi’s work at: Website: http://sthuthiramesh.com Instagram: @sthuthiramesh Instagram: @sramesth_designpractice  Nicety Materials: https://nicetymaterials.com/  You can follow me and get updates on the podcast at:  Website: http://narratestudio.co.uk Instagram: @narratestudio My top takeaways from this episode were: There’s such a rich culture of design in the rest of the world, we can find so much inspiration by looking outside of European design styles.  Finding the studio or agency that’s right for you takes time.   Leverage your network for opportunities, word of mouth can be a great way to hear about openings. 

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‘Making It’ aims to inspire and encourage women and non-conforming people, with the hope to make the design industry a more inclusive and diverse place. There is a concerning lack of gender diversity in the design industry, especially when looking at senior positions. Even though plenty of women study design, the industry is still overwhelmingly male. The host Rachel, Creative Director at Narrate, chats with some brilliant women and people who have beaten the odds and made it to creative director, design director and into senior leadership positions. Talking in detail about their career journeys and finding out how they got that all important first job, that helped get them to where they are today.