Middle East Eating Disorders Association Podcast

The MEEDA podcast trailer

af Middle East Eating Disorders Association Podcast | Udgivet 4/6/2021

A sneak peek into the new Middle East Eating Disorders Association podcast!Please reach out with your questions, suggestions and feedback via [email protected] your free 15 mins assessment, please visit www.meeda.me/contactswww.meeda.me

Om Podcasten

A podcast raising awareness of eating disorders in the Middle East, produced by the Middle East Eating Disorders Association, a not-for-profit aiming to support prevention and awareness of Eating Disorders, as well as professional training, research and support to patients across the whole Middle East area.Alongside guests and listeners’ questions, the podcast aims to cover a wide diversity of aspects regarding eating disorders’ diagnosis, treatment, recovery, as well as support to patients of all sizes, ages, genders, abilities and ethnicities. Because eating disorders don’t discriminate. And because they are among the deadliest mental health conditions.