Episode 6 - Big Cats Victoria (Part 1)

Big cats have been reported in almost every corner of Victoria for over a century now. Are we getting closer to finding out the truth with new and improved technology?  Or will these elusive creatures continue to evade us?Support the show

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Did a 13 year old country boy find baby black panther cubs in the Australian bush? When Ben discovered three unidentified newborn creatures high up in a Willow Tree when he was a thirteen year old kid, the mystery would haunt him for the rest of his life. Ben, now a grown man with a family finally wants to go on an investigative journey and find out more about the mystery panther sightings which have been reported across Australia since the early 1800's. Ben will speak with experts, zoologists, witnesses, skeptics and historians to uncover some of the theories as to how these large cats may have come to be on our shores. The only species of cat meant to be in Australia is the introduced felis catus (house cat). So what are thousands of people seeing? And why have we yet to get any definitive proof? Regardless of what you believe you might just change your mind. Come on this wild ride with us you will truly be amazed.