The New Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard

Join hosts Mike and Mark on the latest episode of the Moonshots Podcast as they dive into the timeless wisdom of Ken Blanchard’s renowned book, “The One Minute Manager.” In this insightful discussion, they unravel the essence of effective management and leadership, distilled into three fundamental lessons.• Buy The One Minute Manager on Amazon: Link• Become a Moonshot Member: Link• Watch this episode on YouTube: LinkThe episode starts with Ken Blanchard’s profound insights on the essence of leadership, emphasizing the significance of serving first and leading second. Through the lens of servant leadership, Blanchard sets the stage for exploring the core principles of the One Minute Manager approach.Moving into the heart of the discussion, the Productivity Game segment unveils the power of setting one-minute goals, as inspired by Blanchard’s methodology. Mike and Mark dissect the creation of a new managerial framework that fuels ambition and drives productivity to new heights.In a captivating turn, the hosts draw parallels between Blanchard’s teachings and the dynamic duo of Steph Curry and Steve Kerr. Through their exemplary teamwork, Curry and Kerr showcase the transformative impact of praise, underscoring the importance of acknowledgment and encouragement in fostering a culture of excellence.Continuing the exploration of Blanchard’s principles, the Productivity Game team delves into the art of one-minute praising and its profound effect on morale and performance. With actionable insights, they illuminate the value of regular check-ins and constructive feedback in nurturing talent and maximizing potential.Wrapping up the episode, Ken Blanchard’s reflections on belief systems resonate deeply, reinforcing that good management is as much about mindset as it is about behavior. Through introspection and intentionality, leaders can cultivate a culture of trust, empowerment, and continuous growth.Don’t miss this enlightening episode of the Moonshots Podcast, where timeless wisdom meets actionable insights, guiding you on mastering management and unleashing your full potential.Links: • Buy The One Minute Manager on Amazon: Link • Become a Moonshot Member: Link • Watch this episode on YouTube: Link Thanks to our monthly supporters Jasper Verkaart Ron Chris Turner Margy Diana Bastianelli Andy Pilara ola Fred Fox Austin Hammatt Zachary Phillips Antonio Candia Mike Leigh Cooper Daniela Wedemeier Corey LaMonica Smitty Denise findlay Krzysztof Diana Bastianelli Nimalen Sivapalan Roar Nikolay Ytre-Eide Stef Roger von Holdt Jette Haswell Marco Silva venkata reddy Dirk Breitsameter Ingram Casey Nicoara Talpes rahul grover Evert van de Plassche Ravi Govender Craig Lindsay Steve Woollard Lasse Brurok Deborah Spahr Barbara Samoela Christian Jo Hatchard Kalman Cseh Berg De Bleecker Paul Acquaah MrBonjour Sid Liza Goetz Konnor Ah kuoi Marjan Modara Dietmar Baur Ken Ennis Bob Nolley ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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