Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Dive into the profound wisdom of Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" with hosts Mike and Mark on the Moonshots Podcast. This episode unveils the timeless strategies for success, personal growth, and the power of the subconscious mind. Join us as we explore Hill's philosophy, guided by insights from special guests Bob Proctor and Mani Vaya. Whether you are seeking to ignite a deep-seated passion or transform your mindset, this episode is your blueprint for achieving unimaginable heights.Buy The Book on Amazon a Moonshot Member this episode on YouTube Breakdown:INTRO:Discover the enduring legacy of Napoleon Hill with context provided by Bob Proctor. Delve into the story that has inspired millions to pursue their dreams relentlessly. (Duration: 2m42s)The Power of the Subconscious:Mani Vaya, from 2000Books, introduces the pivotal role of the subconscious in achieving success. Uncover the "big idea" at Hill's philosophy's heart.ACTION & PRACTICE:Learn about the transformative power of emotions through deliberate emotional visualizations, as explained by Mani. Discover how to leverage your feelings to influence your subconscious thoughts. (Duration: 1m17s)Hear a compelling narrative from Napoleon Hill's life shared by Mani, designed to inspire a burning obsession for your goals. (Duration: 2m29s)MINDSET:Gain insights into the practice of visualization with Mani. Learn how to see and feel your goals as if they have already been accomplished, a crucial step towards achieving them. (Duration: 47s)OUTRO:Napoleon Hill encourages listeners to write down their goals and reflect on their visions today. Embrace the idea that your only limit is yourself. (Duration: 1m06s)Buy The Book on Amazon a Moonshot Member this episode on YouTube Moonshots Podcast:Moonshots Podcast is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves. We navigate the journey of overcoming self-doubt and uncertainty to aim for the moon. Our approach is about learning out loud and sharing the wisdom behind the success of the world's greatest superstars, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. By deconstructing their success from mindset to daily habits, we offer actionable insights that you can apply to your life, propelling you toward your goals. Join us as we explore the secrets to success, guided by the principle that your only limit is yourself. Thanks to our monthly supporters Jasper Verkaart Ron Chris Turner Margy Diana Bastianelli Andy Pilara ola Fred Fox Austin Hammatt Zachary Phillips Antonio Candia Mike Leigh Cooper Daniela Wedemeier Corey LaMonica Smitty Denise findlay Krzysztof Diana Bastianelli Nimalen Sivapalan Roar Nikolay Ytre-Eide Stef Roger von Holdt Jette Haswell Marco Silva venkata reddy Dirk Breitsameter Ingram Casey Nicoara Talpes rahul grover Evert van de Plassche Ravi Govender Craig Lindsay Steve Woollard Lasse Brurok Deborah Spahr Barbara Samoela Christian Jo Hatchard Kalman Cseh Berg De Bleecker Paul Acquaah MrBonjour Sid Liza Goetz Konnor Ah kuoi Marjan Modara Dietmar Baur Ken Ennis Bob Nolley ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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The Moonshots Podcast goes behind the scenes of the world's greatest superstars, thinkers and entrepreneurs to discover the secrets to their success. We deconstruct their success from mindset to daily habits so that we can apply it to our lives. Join us as we 'learn out loud' from Elon Musk, Brene Brown to emerging talents like David Goggins.