Ep 563 - William Vanderbloemen

In this episode I speak with William Vanderbloemen, author of, " Be the Unicorn: 12 Data-Driven Habits that Separate the Best Leaders from the Rest," leader of the Vanderbloemen Search Group, and former Senior Pastor at one of the largest Presbyterian Churches in the United States whose wakeup call was seeing how poor a job churches did at identifying and recruiting their pastors and other senior staff and whose through line still remains his faith. https://www.vanderbloemen.com/solutions/

Om Podcasten

I’m Dr. Mark Goulston, and this is My Wakeup Call. Everybody has personal wakeup calls, but not everybody wakes up. In this podcast, we speak to people who did. In fact, they not only woke up, but their wakeup calls changed their lives, often helped them discover their purpose and then changed how they would spend the rest of their life. In most cases, the wakeup call was not pleasant, sought-after, and often shook people to the core of their being. But in every case, it made our guests more authentic, better at life, better in life and better human beings. I hope you will listen in and become as inspired as I am from every episode. I also hope it will help you persevere if you are going through a wakeup call and haven’t yet gotten through the pain of it, or landed in your future as the better person you’re meant to be, with the better life that you’re meant to have. DISCLAIMER: Any information or advice I give is purely based on my own experience. Comments made are as a coach- this is not medical or psychiatry advice. There is no guarantee as there are many variables that will impact outcomes. Everything stated should be taken as opinion.