Erin Lane: Equestrian Entrepreneurship, Inclusivity & Creating opportunities in the Horse World.

In today's episode of Neigh Sayers, I'm excited to discuss with Erin Lane who you might know from Instagram as '@erinlaneequestrian'.  She is a super duper cool Equestrian Entrepreneur wearing many hats, she's built her career both riding and working for big production company, followed up with several years at 'NOELLE FLOYD' as the head of media production and the brain behind 'The Equestrian Masterclass'.  Erin has just launched a business of her own: 'OnCourse' - an Equestrian Business E-learning platform which we're super excited to collaborate with in the future. In this episode, we covered many important topics such as creating opportunities in the Horse World, and how we believe that hidden commissions and lack of transparency shouldn't be present. We also discuss about the development of a fair sport where everyone is given a chance and where everyone should be treated fairly.  We must say this truly was an outstanding episode, which we're super excited about!

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