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Season 1, Episode 8: "How can I nurture innovation at a federal agency?" with Chad Sheridan, Chief Innovation Officer, NetImpact Strategies

af Network Disrupted | Udgivet 4/29/2020

Today, I talk to Chad Sheridan, Chief Innovation Officer at NetImpact Strategies about:- How to measure value in the federal context- The balance between delivering features and technical debt- Why switching from project to product thinking matters- The value in leveraging cloud for agencies- How to lean on peers and overcome other technology leadership challengesAs former service delivery chief for the USDA, Chad recently moved to work at NetImpact Strategies to advise a number of agencies on what we’re about to talk about today. That is, creating and measuring value in the federal context, switching from project to product thinking to nurture innovation, the cloud’s value for agencies, and how to lean on peers to overcome the challenges that inevitably come with the territory of technology leadership.Read more about Chad on our blog.

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