Maggie Hsu on the Future of Cities, Work, and Blockchain

As we conclude this “Future Focused” series that looks to the future of work and our world at large, we were really interested in exploring how cities and businesses will grow together. Meet Maggie Hsu, the former Chief of Staff to the late CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, who was heavily involved in the Downtown Project. The Downtown Project aimed to build and revitalize the community of Las Vegas. Maggie has spent her career thinking ahead about ways to make our future world better.   In this episode, Maggie explains the intent and legacy of the Downtown Project, dives into holacracy and its connections to blockchain, how cities can be cryptofriendly, and how she thinks work, life, and play have fundamentally changed after the pandemic. It's one of our more thought-provoking discussions as we look ahead to 2022.   This wraps up our No Turning Back content for 2021 - we look forward to an exciting year exploring new topics, and mini-series, with you next year.

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