Episode 2 | Our Dating Lives

Today, despite some audio issues, we dive deep into the topic everyone is wondering about: Courtney and Noah. In addition, since Robyn could not be more single, we talk about the exciting world of online dating

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Om Podcasten

Let’s recap: Okay...Hear Me Out is hosted by CourtsChaos who is having a quarter-life crisis on the internet and Robyn Murfy, graphic designer who is figuring out how to make it in the real world (please note Courtney has given up on this). We met online (via insta dm) and have yet to meet in person. Join us in talking about everything we’re going through (aka what it’s like to have a quarter life crisis on the internet) working on (aka Robyn owning her own business), and basically anything else that happens along the way. Welcome to the organized chaos. So..hear us out? xo court and Robyn