The Problem With Our Generation

Uh oh.. here comes my first ever “hot take” episode. Tune in to see my thoughts on what I think is one of the bigger problems in our generation. (Don’t mind the fact that I also may be a part of the problem lol.) Let me know your thoughts on this topic and leave a comment on the most recent podcast Instagram post @mymindpod.

Om Podcasten

Navigating life in your 20’s is interesting to say the least. Luckily, Ava Jules is here to have open conversations about everything that goes on in her mind... and spoiler alert, a lot goes on in there. From light-hearted convos to getting deep into her thoughts, there's not much that's off limits. This twenty-something has got a lot to say and finally has someone to say it to... you! Tune in every Wednesday to find out what's on her mind this week. Instagram: @avajules_ // @mymindpod