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Welcome to the Parenting Uncovered podcast with Dave and Ashley Willis! In this episode, we're joined by the insightful Susan Thomas, a licensed professional counselor and pastor, as we dive into the critical topic of parenting discipline. Together, we explore the challenges parents encounter in establishing effective discipline, highlighting the necessity for a united front. We also delve into the biblical perspective on discipline, exploring its role in teaching obedience and honor. To wrap things up, we share a dad joke and a fascinating fact about the contagious nature of pregnancy and parenting. Join us for a blend of wisdom, humor, and shared experiences on this parenting journey! ------------------- For all links mentioned in the episode and more: ------------------- Takeaways Discipline is crucial in parenting and helps children learn obedience and honor. Parents should strive to be on the same page and present a unified front in discipline. Understanding the why behind discipline is important, as it helps parents stay focused on the ultimate goal of raising children who flourish. Discipline should be done in a loving and controlled manner, with the intention of teaching and guiding children. --------------------- Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction 01:29 Importance of Discipline in Parenting 03:02 Understanding the Purpose of Discipline 04:00 Getting on the Same Page as Parents 05:02 Being a Unified Front in Discipline 06:00 Different Approaches to Discipline 08:16 The Importance of Discipline for Children's Future 10:00 Understanding the Why Behind Discipline 11:25 Discipline as a Way to Teach Obedience and Honor 12:25 Dealing with Judgment from Others 15:21 Parenting as a Process of Refinement 17:43 Age-Specific Discipline Tactics 19:19 The Biblical Perspective on Discipline 20:45 Personal Experience with Spanking 22:07 Understanding the Need for Discipline 23:48 The Effectiveness of Spanking 26:05 The Importance of Consequences 27:24 Parenting as a Spiritual Battle 28:22 Meaning What You Say and Saying What You Mean 29:17 Dad Joke and Fascinating Fact 31:04 Closing Remarks and Where to Find More Information Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Parenting isn’t easy and every stage brings another challenge. Are we good parents? What should we be teaching our kids? Is it too late? Every week, Dave & Ashley Willis break down parenting's big questions and uncover the secrets of raising great kids! If you're seeking regular guidance, practical tips, and encouragement, tune in as we peel back the layers of parenting. Plus, each episode will end with a dad joke from Dave and a fascinating parenting fact from Ashley. Dave & Ashley Willis, hosts of the wildly popular Naked Marriage Podcast, are excited to announce their new parenting podcast, Parenting Uncovered. With four kids ranging from elementary school to college, they have a wealth of experience to share. The podcast will feature interviews, practical content, and biblical truth about parenting. Each episode will end with a dad joke from Dave and a fascinating parenting fact from Ashley.  Dave & Ashley’s marriage-related books, blogs, podcast, speaking events and media resources have reached millions of couples around the world making Dave and Ashley one of the most recognized and trusted couples in marriage ministry. They partnered with XO Marriage, the nation’s largest marriage-focused ministry, in 2018. The Willis family includes four sons ranging in age from elementary school to college and a rescue dog named “Chi Chi.” When Dave and Ashley aren’t writing and speaking, they love hanging out with their family, watching movies and going on long walks where they develop many of their content ideas.