Api Security Podcast

A Peerlyst Peertalk podcast on API Security with industry experts. Show notes for this Peerlyst Information Security Peertalk: This podcast is about API Security, the participants were: Nicole Becher Pentester, Cyber Policy Enthusiast, Adjunct Faculty @ NYU, and member of the OWASP Brooklyn Chapter Leader, and New America Cyber Fellow Bernhard Harguindeguy, CEO Elasticbeam Richard Rushing, CISO Motorola Mobility Dennis Leber, CISO for the Cabinet of Health and Family Services, Office of Administration and Technology at the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The podcast was moderated by the brilliant Magda Chelly, Managing Director of Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd. If you have questions for any of the participants, or if you have feedback, you will be able to ask your questions in this thread forever after: https://www.peerlyst.com/posts/how-to-protect-your-apis-free-podcast-magda-chelly-ph-d We expect to do some followup podcasts in the series of API Security for Infosec folks and CIOs plus whomever else might be interested.

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