Health Fads and Fictions: VO2 Max, Supplement Mania, Sunlight, and Immortality

Today's show is a critical look at some of the most popular health fads of the moment, with return guests Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg, from the Growth Equation and the ‘FAREWELL’ podcast. We’re talking VO2 max, the benefits of sunlight, so-called morning and nighttime “stacks” (complex multivitamin routines for optimizing your energy and sleep), and Silicon Valley dreams of immortality. Plus, a rant from Derek about the supplement mania of independent media. If you have questions, observations, or ideas for future episodes, email us at [email protected]. Host: Derek Thompson Guests: Steve Magness & Brad Stulberg Producer: Devon Baroldi Links: The ‘FAREWELL’ podcast: The FDA's note on dietary supplement regulation: Joe Rogan's supplement stack: Huberman's sleep stack: The Mayo Clinic on creatine: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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