Introducing InteractAI: A New Tool for a New Age of Business

Welcome to another episode of Interact’s Grow Podcast, where we share insights and strategies to help you scale your business. In this special episode, we're thrilled to announce the official launch of InteractAI, our game-changing tool that's set to revolutionize lead generation with quizzes.Our team dives into the features of InteractAI, and how it allows you to create a lead generation quiz in MINUTES - a task that used to take 3-5 weeks. We also explore real-life applications of InteractA...

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Every business owner has a story. A story of how they created their own career, how they took their knowledge and experiences and carved out their own place in the world. This is a podcast about those stories, with our host Jessmyn Solana. We talk about how people just like you and me have owned what they know is special about themselves and turned it into successful companies. Learn more about Interact at: